Clarity and consistency are key to success and goal planning.

Two Things Required Above All Else: Clarity & Consistency

There are many elements that play into each and every decision we make. While all of these decisions either pull as closer or further away from the sweet life we want, it is important to isolate clarity and consistency when planning out our sweet life plan. Let’s look at each one of these individually.

Clarity – Clarity refers to the crystal clear picture we see in our minds of the things we want in life.

What direction do you want to take your life? Set this direction as precisely as possible, but allow for changes in course. Perhaps your dream is to travel the world or to become financially independent. Perhaps you dream of shaping the technology of the future. Whatever it might be, allow yourself to dream and solidify that dream into vivid pictures of your future.

Having a clear image in your mind of what you want, is the equivalent of setting your GPS to a destination. This image will allow you to set your GPS for all future decisions based upon that destination.

Consistency –  The small, daily decisions we make will make the difference in whether or not you make progress toward your dream.

Your willingness to distill the destination into practical next steps, and steadily take those next steps will be the deciding factor in your ultimate success.

There are two sources of information we must access to inform, guide, and develop the clarity and consistency that will guide you to your dream life.

1) The truth inside us.

This is the most important of all. Our vision of a happy, fulfilled life must spring up from the inside. It cannot be imparted from any external source.

Many of the most important things we must identify for our future we already know. Perhaps we’ve forgotten the most important self – truths that we can ever know. We simply need to brush the dust off our dreams and embrace the simple things that make us happy. The truth we need is already imprinted on our soul.

For instance: what makes you happy? What makes you come alive? When are you most productive and effective? What are the unique things that you want to contribute to this world?


2) The truth around us. (The info and resources you need to guide your decisions)

This encompasses the things that we don’t yet know about the world that could help us along the way.

This might be a series of income options that you never knew existed. It might be a methodology for using advantageous currency exchange to create exponential lifestyle. It could be the smorgasborard of remote employment opportunities that can accelerate your dream of traveling the world. Perhaps a new way of packaging your skills that can help you earn exponentially more income.

The truth around us is made of the things that you don’t yet know – but you should know – to reach your goals in fastest possible trajectory. The truth that, over time, you’ll discover and use to continue to shape the your life. This process of discovery and application is what ultimately shapes your life so that over time, it gets closer and closer to the crystal clear picture you have of the sweet life you invision.