The Sweet Life Labs Philosophy

We’re Allen and Monica, creators of Sweet Life Labs.

If you want to have more control over your life, this page is for you! Here you’ll get a quick-start guide to get you up to speed.

Life isn’t easy.  Sometime, it feel like the good life is so close, yet so far away.  But the right information can make a big difference…  It’s not rocket science – and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

We’ve spent the last 10 years hacking the professional and business world to create the sweet life we imagined and discovered some powerful principals that anyone can use.

We’ll show you how to thoughtfully create a detailed, personalized strategty for your version of the Sweet Life.

The process shouldn’t be so mysterious…

In order to create a Sweet Life, we need a working definition.

The Sweet Life:

1. A life of peace and possibility, interesting opportunities, and exciting dreams.

2. A life where you decide how your days are spent based on your values and interests to fit your picture of a happy, rewarding life.

The Sweet Life looks different for everyone

For some people, the sweet life means starting a business to impact the world. For someone else, it means having a cool job or a job that is location independent.

For others, it means financial freedom – enough money to have no worries or money stress. Perhaps it’s the financial abundance to support all the people you love.

Maybe it means exploring the world while helping people, or being able to work from home while your kids grow up.

It’s defined by you – that’s the idea.

The sweet life is about seizing control of your life- every crucial detail. It’s about becoming the chess player instead of the chess piece.

You get to be both the architect that designs your life and the craftsman that builds it.  And of course, you get to be the lucky person to live that beautifully created life.

Now if this sounds too good to be true – it should.

Reality is, most people never get to live that type of beautiful life…

But why is that?

The Problem with Traditional Approaches

Well, for starters, the traditional approach is totally backwards.

It usually goes something like this:  At some naive, uninformed age, we pick out a job that seems interesting, profitable, or available. However, once we land the job, we often realize that the life attached to that job is super lame.

Then, it’s like we get stuck… like the big plans we once had for our life are just out of reach, and we are always trying to “make it”.  It feels like there isn’t enough time in the day to keep up with life, much less get ahead.

Most people end up struggling along quietly- trying to save some money here, shooting for a promotion there. Hoping that, in the end, it will all add up to “enough”.

That’s pretty much where we found ourselves a few years ago.   (You can read more of our story on the about page, if you’re interested.)

What’s Different About the Sweet Life Approach

Okay, let’s approach life from a strategic perspective.  Let’s begin with the end in mind.

What could happen if you took a step back from your daily to-do list.  What if you made a project out of designing an amazing life.  What if you worked on that project a little bit everyday, instead of just working for a living?  

Instead of thinking about what type of work you can do, think about what type of life you want to live.  Begin with the life-picture you truly want and reverse engineer the options that can get you there (We’ll help you with this).

Think about the ideal life for you:

  • How do you want to spend the time in each day?
  • How much money do you want (and need)?
  • What makes you feel alive?

The truth is, whatever you want to make a priority –  you can make a plan to accomplish.

For example – Let’s say that you that want to be the boss, launch a product that changes the world, and makes you millions.

In reality, there are lots of ways to do that.  Let’s make a plan to make it happen.

Or, maybe you don’t want a commute, don’t want to shave everyday (guys?) or do your hair everyday (ladies?).  You don’t want to wake up before 9am and still make 100k? Maybe, you want your job to be location independent so you can go island hopping in Southeast Asia.

Again, there are lots of ways to do that.  Do you know what they are?

Build the Life You Really Want 

That’s the whole point of  Sweet Life Labs (We’ll help you)

How can we do it?  Together, we will:

Figure out what drives you and put it to work for you.

Identify, question, and test the assumptions that have created the boundaries of your life.
Your concept of these things will impact everything else you do. Make sure to think it through.
Certain things can have a huge returns with average effort. Find them and focus on them.
Study the many people who found the clarity they needed to build their sweet life.
Explore all the options available so you can mix, match, and tailor it to the exact life you want.
That beautiful intersection between how you want to live each day and what you want to contribute to the world.

“The Pessimist complains about the wind. The Optimist expects the winds to change. The Realist adjusts the sails.” William Arthur Ward

On the journey of life you want to be the realist – to embrace the hard realities of life without settling for less than you really want.

But, just as the definition of a Sweet Life is different for everyone, so is the path that will take you there.

Thats why we’ve created Sweet Life Labs to explore the possibilities and realities of modern earning and living .  It’s an individualized approach that will help you  that accounts for your unique journey.

The Sweet Life

Our philosphy combines the Science of Achievement with the Art of Fulfillment.

The Science of Achievement consists of repeatable methods that produce objective career success. Those methods have been studied and understood by high achievers for years. It isn’t difficult to understand, but it can be tricky to implement.

The Art of Fulfillment however, requires an internal journey. It’s about enjoying the ride of your life, and finding joy and beauty the moments of struggle and the moments of beauty. It requires soul searching and consistent prioritizing of your most important values and beliefs.

The Lab

The best way to create an extraordinarily satisfying life is to take an experimental approach.

In other words, you develop a hypothesis about the life that you really want and the best ways to get there.

Then you develop a strategy based on tried and true approaches, and put your hypothesis to the test as fast as possible.

If you “fail” along the way, it’s okay. That’s part of the learning process, and the best way to discover important insights about yourself. And if you your hypothesis works, you can enjoy the results and plan you next move.

That’s the way to make fast progress, but still ensure that you will enjoy your results at the end.

We’ve created the Sweet Life Labs as a public setting for our experiments in creating our sweet life, and also as a community setting for others on the same path.

Sweet Life Labs Collaboration

Together we can learn faster, go further, and help each other along the way.

With our podcast, blog, and programs, we’ll share what we’ve learned so far, in the hopes that it can help you create a life you love.

After all, there is no need to re-invent the wheel when you can stand on the shoulders of giants.

One of they keys to achievement is to find examples of people who have accomplished what you want.  By using them as models, you can compress the time it takes to achieve the results that they have.

We’ll introduce you to many people who have successfully created their version of the Sweet Life, so that you can can shortcut your learning curve by directly from them.

Their successes will inspire you, and the lessons of their setbacks will save you time, energy, and heartache.

We’ll also give you the inside scoop on the many things we’ve tried and tested and how they’ve worked in our life.  Topics range from top job and business strategies to simple hacks that make your life sweeter.

And we’ll show you both sides of the coin.  You’ll get to see the incredible possibilities available to you, along with the work it takes to create the real and results.

You’ll get to see us experiment on our own lives by building a business before your eyes, and continuing to shape our jobs in more satisfying ways.

And we’d love for you to join us.

If you are working towards a better life, lets take the journey together.

We’ll share our adventures, explorations, and connections with you on our podcast, email list, blog, programs, and via social.

Connect with us on social and through email to share your dreams, challenges, and insights with us and others.  Get real help, top resources, and valuable connections with other people.   Share your journey with us, it can help others too!

If you don’t know where to start, we’ve created a free video course.  Its a guide to creating your own plan to a way of life that is truly sweet to you.

It’s called the Sweet Life Plan, and you can check it out below.


Here’s What to do Next:

Having a job you goes a long way when it comes to personal satisfaction and happiness. This is why we have created a FREE 3 part video series that will help you put your gifts, passions, and purpose to work and find a job you love.

You are Awesome!

Lastly, we wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you. It takes courage to build an authentic, intentional life. We salute you for that.

We are here for you- not only as guides but also as friends.

If you’ve made it this far, it means you’re not willing to settle. It means you are still dreaming about your sweet life. You are willing to step out and challenge the status quo, challenge yourself, and take control of your life!

We want you to know we believe so much in your Sweet Life. We really do believe that you have a special life to live. Our deepest hope is for you to live it well.

We do our best to respond to each individual e-mail that comes in (we know it gets harder as we continue to grow), but we will do our very best!

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And lastly, if we’ve been helpful in any way, feel free to send your friends or family to us. Our mission is to help as many people as possible.

Thank you for being with us! We hope you get everything you need to build your Sweet Life.

Coconuts and blueprints,