Proactive living gives you control over your life. Reactive living removes control.

Proactive vs. Reactive Living

You can really live any way you want.

You can shape your direction, change your present working and living situations, and systematically move step by step into the best version of living you want.  People do it all the time.

But, unfortunately… most people don’t. Why?

On the surface, it looks like there are lots of reasons (bad luck, relative disadvantages, limited opportunity, etc.). But if you look deeper you’ll find that we all have 2 basics modes of operation that are responsible for the difference.

“Proactive Mode” and “Reactive Mode”

“Proactive Mode” looks like this – you are in control.  You use your time, energy, imagination and creativity to solve strategically-selected, high-priority problems.

The alternative is “Reactive Mode”.  That is when life happens to you. It’s when the conditions around you dictate to you how you need to live and what you spend your time on.

Its the difference between living life intentionally and living life accidentally.

However, despite our best intentions, most people spend most of their time in between those two modes.

On a continuum, it might look like this:

The result?
Usually a comfortable life, that is strangely unsatisfying. In this scenario, have people have limited control and don’t know exactly how to get more.

If we make it a binary, either-or-choice between those two ends of the spectrum, it’s an easy choice. Who in their right mind is going to choose passive, reactive, uncontrolled living? Nobody is that dull.

So why is it that so many of us, live so much of our life that way?

We all have way too much re-active living go on. And that is usually the reason we feel like we are living small, powerless lives.

Here is the reason why – reactive living is the default. It’s autopilot that hasn’t been programmed well. It’s like GPS with an incomplete map and a unclear destination.

In the absence of a strong sense of direction, clear motives, a complete strategy, a good sequential plan, correct and complete information, the right skills and support systems, we really have no other choice than to re-actively select between the very narrow options that are presented to us moment by moment.

However, if you are always choosing between the options that someone else presents, you will eventually end up living a life you never intended to live.

“We are so busy scrabbling for the scraps from life’s table that we’ve missed our god given right to so much more.” (If you didn’t catch it, that’s an adapted quote from “Braveheart”)

Its time to change that.

Now, lets get real, you can’t live in proactive mode in all areas of your life, all the time.  You only have so much time and attention to use.  Therefore, you need to select the areas that are the most important to focus your pro-activity towards.

To live life on your own terms, you need:

  • An exciting direction to move in.
  • To understand your motivations so you can harness them.
  • Exposure to enough options to be able to pick the right ones for you.
  • To formulate a solid, do-able plan.
  • Have the skills to execute the plan.
  • Develop the perspective to know when you are on track or off course.
  • Meet the people who can help you get there.
  • Take the right steps in the right order.
  • Correctly manage the risks so you don’t find yourself too scared to start.

That is what The Sweet Life Plan is all about.