Work doesn’t have to suck. It’s 2019… The game of life has changed and so have the strategies to win.

Learn the when, why, and how of changing careers. Discover exciting new work options- remote jobs, cool offices, and bosses that rock.

Get the tactics to land the gig: LinkedIn hacks, resume blueprints, interview strategies, negotiation tips, and keys for top performance.

Life is too short for a job you hate. There are better options.

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The Sweet Biz Plan is about using business as a tool to have control over how you make a living and contribute to the world. Do something you love. Use your interests, talents, and imagination to build the business you’ve always dreamed of.

Skip the myths that keep most people from ever getting started. Max out your earning and flexibility by being the owner.

Explore business models, markets and products to customize your own sweet business.

Create a working business plan that fits your picture of a sweet life.

The Sweet Life Plan is based on the idea of building your life the way you want it.

Work on your life as its own project: create a guidance system that shapes the rest of your decisions, and then plan for the road ahead.

Sometimes getting started is the hard part. You need to plan to get going and stay on track.

With so many things fighting for our attention, it’s easy to get stuck.

We want to help you get unstuck.