There is a big difference between working on your life vs. working for a living.

Working on your life vs Working for a living

This key distinction is the most important principle for living out your dreams. There is a critical difference between working to build your life and working for money.

What does that difference look like?

Working for money (or surviving, as some people would call it) looks like this:

  • You pick a job based on pay alone.
  • You working your job because you didn’t know what else to do.
  • You fell into your current line of work.
  • You don’t want to go to work.
  • Work feels confining.
  • You are working because it’s easy.
  • You are working out of habit or routine.

    On the other hand. Working on your life looks like this:

  • You pick a job because the skills and connections because you a closer to your ultimate goals.
  • Relentlessly researching alternative life-styles because you haven’t yet found one that matches your hopes and dreams.
  • Meticulously managing your finances because you know your plans requires investing along the way.
  • Reading books late into the night because you know something in that book will help you.
  • Escaping the noise and distractions of life, and taking a pen and paper and organizing your thoughts because you know that clarity keeps you from wasting time and resources on the journey ahead.
  • Identifying and contacting potential Mentors Because they can help you move in the right direction faster
  • Allocating money to invest in self education instead of just recreation because you know you have to speed up the rate of change in your life.

    I bet you already noticed several key distinctions:

    1. You working (researching, reading, writing, laboring) because it is part of a plan
    2. Much of the “work” has to happen outside of normal “working” (9-5) hours.
    3. Its all related to continually refining and executing a strategy
    4. Nobody is making you do it. It all intrinsically motivated.

    We will explore those topics and lots of others in the hopes of helping you make exciting progress in your life.